Bombshell Salon named BEST BIRMINGHAM SALON by Hour Magazine!

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"In the past four years, Birmingham’s Bombshell Salon has established itself as the premier boutique salon for cut, color, style, and extensions. With its upbeat yet relaxing atmosphere, Bombshell is both intimate in its approach to personalized service and worldly in its ability to introduce clients to the latest trends and techniques. Founded by Susan Fontanesi and Melissa Scodellaro, Bombshell is the product of this mother-daughter duo who have traveled the world to continue their hair education.

Whether it’s Australia, where revolutionary curved shears from Kevin Murphy inspire cuts with texture, volume, waves, and curved lines, or France, where the sun-kissed hair-painting practice of Balayage is the rage, Fontanesi and Scodellaro find inspiration in global markets. Bombshell carries many unique products and is one of the only salons in Michigan to offer Keune, a luxurious Dutch-based hair color. The experienced stylists at Bombshell provide custom consultations to ensure that each customer is aware of the latest trends and colors. After all, changing your look should be comfortable, surprising, and empowering —everything a true bombshell should be."


Looking to create lived-in hair without the fuss? If so, we have the product for you: BEDROOM.HAIR.


We know that post-nap hair is hot and sexy with just the right amount of volume and texture, and BEDROOM.HAIR allows you to create that perfectly imperfect texture. BEDROOM.HAIR weightlessly delivers a pliable hold for your natural waves and curls. This amazing product adds all-over body and bounce, while delivering a soft, shiny finish. BEDROOM.HAIR leaves hair touchable and moveable while maintaining texture and separation.

How to use: Apply to dry hair, as desired, as a finishing spray.

Benefits: Flexible hold, Touchable texture, Lightweight, “all day” flexible hold, perfect for all hair types

Key Ingredients

Sunflower Seed Extract: Provides protection and nutrients essential to hair health and strength.

Ginger Root Extract: Helps strengthen the hair while conditioning and protecting.

Vegetable Glycerin: Protects hair from moisture loss.

Product Video

Check out Kevin Murphy's product video on Bedroom.Hair!

Invisibobble: The Revolutionizing Hair-Tie

Tired of having a headache after a long day of wearing your hair in a bun?
Sick of having a crease in your hair after wearing a ponytail?
Fear no more, the invisibobble is here!

Trace-less Hair Ring

Invisibobble is a revolutionizing hair-tie that is pain-free and creates crease-free hair. The hair-tie's composition is the perfect solution for sensitive scalps. Along with these innovative features, the Invisibobble allows you to be create stylish looks with minimal effort!

Variety of Colors and Sizes

Bombshell Salon offers Invisibobbles in a variety of different colors including clear, natural browns, black, and vibrant colors. Find the Invisibobble that matches your hair color ! You'll be amazed on what a difference it makes to not have a visible hair-tie sticking out! We are excited to announce Invisibobble launched a new size, so the accessory is now available in two sizes: large and small (half-up styles).


Our clients are in love with the Invisibobbles and are always asking us for new ways to style their hair with this accessory. So, we thought we'd share a tutorial of one of our favorite looks created by Invisibobble. Achieve a professional look in minutes!

This cute low ponytail hair style simply turns your head! Check out the step by step invisibobble tutorial descriptions and DIY - get started!


Fall-ing In Love With Color

Make no mistake, Bombshell Salon is sure to have more than just the seasonal trends. Our color line is designed to give you the luxurious appeal you deserve. With coconut derived cream, UV protection, and protective agent for your color, you’re sure to achieve a required standard of quality and beauty fit for any fashion queen. To help you decide which style you should rock, here’s what we recommend for this autumn season.

Pumpkin, Spice It Up

It’s official, there’s more to this fall trend than your favorite choice of coffee. This bold, defining color is sure to make you want to indulge in all things autumn. With a deep, rich variation of chestnut or blonde painted over copper sections, you will have a beautiful dimension that will make autumn leaves shine with envy. We’re gushing over this color and can’t think of a better way to kick off the season. Using our Keune color line, we achieve the depth and full bodied color you desire, with a product so pure it’s enriched with organic plant extracts. Keep your color closer, longer, with a formula designed with silk proteins and LP300 to protect your hair during the process.

Rich In Chocolate

A classic color that never goes out of style. This fall, we are bringing in the bashful brunette and adding dimensions of caramel, copper, and amber hues for a full bodied style. Stand out against the soon-to-be-snow with this luscious look. In addition to the silk proteins in our color, Formula 18 is also added to all of our color line. This ingredient is a chemically resilient material which binds the cuticle of your hair, providing long term protection from hair color and environment exposure. Our color line ensures the bold, sultry depth of your brunette remains in the midst of the changing seasons.

Honey-Do Blonde

They’re back, those creamy blonde hues we melt over. For the platinum blondes who are yearning for some depth in their do, this may be the option for you. Add some warmth to balance out the chill in the air with these toasty blonde tones. Here at Bombshell, our color boasts natural ingredients, like essential oils or sunscreens, to help protect your hair at any stage. Our color line is the best option for long-lasting tone, providing up to 30% extra life of your color choice.

At Bombshell Salon, we use a custom formula with our Keune color line to help create the most desirable color you could ask for. Our technicians are trained in a variety of techniques that are sure to keep you up to date with the ever developing trends. Stop in or call to schedule a consultation, and let us enhance the beauty you exude with our Keune products.

Our Fall Fix for Summer Hair

Bombshell Salon is your source for high-style hair. As your stylists, we know that the best hair styles come from the healthiest hair. That’s why we carry the best haircare products here in our Birmingham salon, including the Treat.Me line of haircare products from Kevin.Murphy.

The Damage Is Done

Now, we all love summer. But along with summer sun and summer heat come a variety of hair damaging sources. The sun lightens and damages hair, causing split ends. Meanwhile, hot, dry air pulls moisture out of your hair, causing breakage. If you’re all about the pool during the summer, chlorine can cause even further damage. Chlorine keeps pool water sanitary, but it pulls natural oils out of your hair, reducing its sheen. At the end of a summer day, your hair might by dry, lacklustre, and full of split ends. That’s where our hair care products come in.

Our Fantastic Fix

Bombshell Salon features products from Kevin.Murphy. Their Treat.Me line is full of products that are packed with the right ingredients to restore your hair to its former glory. Let’s take a look at these potent, natural ingredients and what they do for your hair:

  • Sugar Cane

Sugar cane contains glycolic acid, a compound that aids the retention of moisture within a hair. Glycolic acid also exfoliates and cleanses hair.

  • Veggie & Plant Proteins

Veggie and plant proteins give your hair that lovely sheen. These proteins smooth the texture of your hair, making your style radiate.

  • Nettle

Nettle extract is an astringent with anti-inflammatory qualities. This makes nettle extract an excellent ingredient for scalp health.

  • Mongongo Oil

Stave off sun-lightened hair with mongongo oil, an oil comprised largely of linoleic acid - a natural guard against ultraviolet rays and airborne pollutants.

  • Gardenia

Collagen is a protective protein that’s abundant in both skin and hair. Gardenia flower extract maintains the collagen structure, thus fending off potential damage.

  • Japanese Green Tea

Green tea further maintains collagen, as well as elastin (another key component in skin cells). In addition, green tea contains caffeine, which may stimulate hair growth and skin health by improving blood flow to surface cells across the scalp.

  • Vitamin C

Mitigate the effect of free radicals with the power of vitamin C. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals, thus protecting your scalp and hair.

  • Monoi Oil

Heighten your hair sheen and boost its softness with miraculous monoi oil. This oil won’t bog your hair down with weight, just lift its spirits with brightness.

Your Fall Fix at Bombshell Salon

  • Now that the sun drops on another summer, and fall is close behind, it’s time to reclaim your hair. With our Treat.Me line of haircare products from Kevin.Murphy, your fall fix is easy. Take this salon-strength hair treatment home with you to get the best results. You’ll notice a transformation from sun-damaged summer hair to fabulous, lustrous, smooth fall hair. Drop into the salon or give us a call to learn more about the Treat.Me line of haircare products from Kevin.Murphy.

Hair Extensions – Advantage No. 3

Do you look in the mirror to only see a beauty staring back wishing her hair was lengthy, vivacious with volume and colored a hue that’s exciting? If so, you’re just like many of our other hair color-goers in Birmingham. Hair color is important, and what’s more important is having the ability to change it whenever you wish. Because we want you to have the head of hair you’ve always fantasized, it’s time to learn the final benefit we believe is necessary in order to feel one with your beautiful hair extensions. But, before you keep reading, be sure you’ve looked back on our blogs regarding the volume and customization of hair extensions provide to women on every block in Birmingham.

3 Amazing Benefits of Luscious Hair Extensions Continued…

  1. Maintainability.

We all want to be as beautiful as possible, but with that, some of us aren’t willing to sacrifice the time and attention our hair may need to achieve the standard of beauty we all want. An easy and simple solution is to speak to your hair colorist about hair extensions. Whether you’re wanting a little more length on your hair, thicker hair, a more exciting hair color or the ability to style your hair, hair extensions may be the perfect solutions to your problems. Plus, if you decide to dye your hair extensions, you will only have to do so once to maintain prime color.

Get the inside scoop about hair extensions when you contact our hair color salon in Birmingham.

Our hair salon is the perfect place for you to experience first-hand what hair extensions can provide for your beauty. To give hair extensions a try, feel free to schedule an appointment by giving us a call! We’re Birmingham’s premier hair color experts, which means we can color your hair extensions any color you wish. In fact, we have over 500 hues to choose between! Learn more about your options now!

Hair Extensions – Advantage No. 2

There is no doubt about it; long hair is beautiful. If you have always wanted to give yourself the ability to enjoy long hair without the commitment of long-term care, it’s time for you to learn more about the benefits of the lasting hair extensions available at Birmingham’s most credited hair salon, Bombshell Salon. To many, long hair is the definition of beauty, and if you’ve always wanted to experience long hair without the hassle of caring for lengthy hair for a longer than a day or two, it’s time to learn about more of the benefits that hair extensions provide. But first, we invite you to catch up by reading about the volume you’ll receive, and how it’s an incredible benefit to those who use hair extensions.


3 Amazing Benefits of Luscious Hair Extensions Continued…

  1. Customizable.

Did you know that hair extensions are completely customizable? That’s right, our hair salon here in Birmingham has the experience and expertise to color your hair extensions in over 500 different shades and colors. With all of the different colors and lengths to choose between, you’re enabled to have a custom look any time you’d like. You can have short hair one day, and then long hair the next; the beauty is that it’s completely up to you!

Contact the most trusted hair salon for more details!

We have the talent, experience and expertise to provide you with an incredible set of virgin hair extensions that come with the ability to be dyed, cut, or styled in any way you choose. Along with volume, having customizable hair extensions at your beck and call is just another benefit you’ll truly enjoy. To learn about more great benefits, stay tuned for our next blog: Hair Extensions – Advantage No. 3.

Wedding Hairstyle Don’ts


In our previous blog, we’d talked about the best things to do to get your hair in premier condition for your wedding. It’s a big day, and as your wedding stylist we know that it’s our job to take some of that stress away. We want you to be comfortable, confident, and absolutely gorgeous as you walk down the aisle. That’s why we’re dishing up advice on things you should avoid leading up to your wedding. Here are some wedding style ‘dont’s’ (also, you can catch up on our wedding style ‘dos’ here):

Wedding Hair-Don’ts

Keep It Together

Don’t get crazy before the wedding – at least not with your hair. Refrain from using any new products, dyes, and coloring, you might not like the outcome. Give yourself several spare months if you want to try a new style before you tie the knot. A wild new ‘do is a definite don’t.

Keep It Natural

While you want to look your absolute best on your big day, don’t go overboard. Although you may want model-caliber hair, you should work with a style that works for you. We all have different figures, different eyes, and different faces; choose a style that works for you. Don’t get caught up on one individual model.

Plan Ahead

Don’t leave planning your hairstyle to the last day! Communicate with your wedding stylist to find the right style that works for your hair. If you choose to work with Bombshell here in Birmingham, stop in often and plenty so that we can hone in on the ideal style for you. This way, you know exactly what to expect, and you’ll have full confidence and peace of mind as the big day rolls around the corner.

3 Amazing Benefits of Luscious Hair Extensions


Long hair is the definition of ultimate beauty. Many women grow their hair out as long as they can to have the ability to curl it, to throw it up in a messy ponytail, or to style it for a special event. Furthermore, long is what many women believe is the key to that beautiful bombshell look. So, if you’re wanting to lengthen your hair, it's time you learn the benefits of the incredible HAIR.TALK. hair extensions available here at Bombshell Salon located in Birmingham.

3 Advantages of Hair Extensions

  1. Volume.

There’s nothing that’s more dreadful than a flat head of hair. If you’re always fighting to successfully achieve volume when you style your hair, you may need some help. Hair extensions are a great way to achieve a healthy amount of hair volume. With a little help from HAIR.TALK. hair extensions, you’ll be able to enjoy a healthy amount of volume, no matter which way you choose to style it. Additionally, the volume that will be added to your hair when you decide to opt for hair extensions is irresistible, vibrant, luminous, and above all, healthy.

Contact the leading hair extension pros for more information.

Healthy hair is happy hair. If you are interested in learning more about the wonderful benefits of hair extensions, it’s time you turn to the professionals here in Birmingham. Give our hairstylists at Bombshell Salon a shout if you would like to schedule an appointment for extensions that will last you for years to come. In the meantime, stay tuned for our next blog: Hair Extensions - Advantage No. 2.

Welcome to Our Stylist Blog!

Welcome to the Bombshell Salon’s Stylist Blog! We’re your Birmingham salon, and we’re here to keep you informed about all things hair - as well as anything else we’d like to dish up. So stay posted and check back often to learn the latest from Bombshell. Today, we’re talking about some of the dos and don’ts you’ll want to keep in mind as you're seeking the perfect style for your wedding (oh, did we mention we provide bridal styling too?). Here are our wedding ‘hairDOs’. We’ll be posting our ‘hairDON’Ts’ soon!

Wedding Hair-Dos:

Get a Professional Styling

First off, it’s crucial that you use a wedding stylist. Although you may prefer to get your hair cut, trimmed, shampooed, conditioned, and colored at the same salon nine times out of ten, this time you want an experienced professional behind the scissors. We know that this day is your day. We know how important that is, and how valuable the perfect hairstyle is. Be confident, you have the best hair you can.

Opt for Optimum Length

Next, be sure to have your hair length as you’d like it prior to styling. If you have a length in mind, try to trim to that length about a week before your styling session. If you need a full cut to get to your desired length, give yourself a few weeks (three to four weeks) for your hair to grow out a bit more naturally.

The Perfect Condition

Finally, you want your hair to be as healthy as possible. Have your hair professionally conditioned to give it the luster you desire. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even change your diet for an optimum sheen (you’ll have to start several months ahead of the wedding to see real results). Check out this article from WebMD to get the scoop on the healthy hair diet.